Welcome to the National Tender Board - Seychelles

In line with the global trend for Public Procurement, the National Tender Board has launched its website, which will be served as a helpful tool for further transparency in the Seychelles Public Procurement system.  All Procuring Entities and the public can electronically access a wide range of public procurement information. 

Besides being a source of public procurement information as you will observe, the website is further meant to compliment other communication channels, e.g. 

  • the National Tender Board can publish information on tenders advertised, tenders opened and approval of contract awards;
  • the Procurement Oversight Unit can announce other related procurement matters;  while
  • the Procuring Entities can post their tenders;

It is our hope that all Procuring Entities will make good use of this facility to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism of their procurement transactions.

As part of the NTB’s awareness programme, the “Frequently Asked Questions”  section will serve as a tool for sensitisation so that government agencies, bidders and the public alike could have a better understanding of the Act, the system and procedures of the Seychelles public procurement.  

On behalf of the Board, I call on all our  partners to ensure that our potential and energies are further explored and exploited for the betterment of public procurement activities in Seychelles.  We do not want to get contented with the three-year achievements because we know there is a lot more to do.

The challenges are many, but if we work in partnerships, we can work to overcome many of these challenges.

Happy viewing!


Chief Executive Officer